Murder Incorporated

Friday, May 05, 2006

Nathan Caplin

Known as "Kid Dropper", he was a notorious Jewish gang leader. During the teens and early 1920s, his gang and the gang headed by Little Augie Orgen were fighting for supremacy of the labor rackets in New York City. On August 28, 1923, he had just left the Essex Market Court House in lower Manhattan under heavy police guard and was sitting in a taxicab in front of the courthouse when Louis Cohen walked up to the taxi and shot him to death. Cohen, who was arrested at the scene, had been hired by Little Augie Orgen (with the help of Legs Diamond, Lepke Buchalter and Gurrah Shaprio) to murder Kid Dropper. Sent prison for the murder, was paroled in 1937 and in 1939 was shot to death on a Manhattan Street in reprisal.


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