Murder Incorporated

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Undertaker

Little is known about the true name of a ruthless hitman known throughout Brownsville and the syndicate as the Undertaker.
The Undertaker got his nickname because he always buried his victims, sometimes alive. The tools of his trade were an axe and shovel. The axe to chop off the hands, feet, and head of his victims, and the shovel to bury them in the swap lands of Canarsie. When asked by Bugsy Seigel in Las Vegas, Nevada, why he had two boots and a shovel in the trunk of his car, the Undertaker replied " You never know when you have to bury someone in the dessert."
It is said that the Undertaker killed more people for Lepke and Murder Inc. than Abe Reles and Charlie "The Bug" Workman combined. A close friend and confidant of Arnold Rothstein, the Undertaker could often be found at the race tracks.


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