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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Abe Landau

Abe Landau was the chief henchman for New York Gangster, Dutch Schultz. Landau was Schultz's most trusted employee, often given tasks that required coolness and cunning rather than gunfire and brutality. It is very likely that he never actually killed anyone during his gang years.

Landau, along with Schultz, Otto Berman and Lulu Rosenkrantz was shot to death on the night of October 23, '35 in a Newark, NJ diner called The Palace Chophouse. Since fleeing New York, Schultz had converted the back room of the Chophouse into his hideout, and held regular meetings there with his associates.
When ambulances arrived, the first man they found was Abe Landau, still sitting on the trash can, his arms dangling at his sides and blood faintly coming out of his neck. His last bits of strength were used to give the police a fake name and address before he expired of blood loss, shortly after twelve a.m. on the morning of October 24.

As a practicing Orthodox Jew, Landau was given a Hebrew burial at Mount Hebron Cemetery.


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